Thursday, January 08, 2009

Grad Side Story

Acula was nervous. Dressed in black robes with a ridiculous hat on his head, he was fourth in the long line of graduates at the convocation. This was a moment he had been waiting for all his adult life - the culmination of his dreams.

"Aaronson", the Dean's voice boomed on the PA system.

Acula glanced towards the audience, his eyes seeking out his beloved. Nalini was chatting with his dad, but she caught his eye and smiled. Kind, patient Nalini - never complaining, never judging.

"Abigail", called out the Dean in his deep barritone voice.

Acula glanced behind. Nitin was too busy chatting with Martha to notice him. Nitin, his best friend for a little more than 4 years.


Acula tried not to think of how sweaty his palms were. As he made his way closer to the podium, he tried to practise his acceptance speech for the last -

"Acula". His time had come.

The Dean was smiling as he handed out the rolled sheet of paper. "The University of Maine herebly grants you the degree of Doctor of Philosophy ...".

Acula didn't wait for the Dean to finish. In an instant, he jumped on top of the dean, pushing him to the ground. Aiming for his neck, he ripped the dean's throat out and began to drink the warm blood as it gushed out.

Acula had become Dr Acula.

Edit: Yes, I stole the idea from Scrubs. Here's the clip: