Saturday, May 12, 2012

PES to give honorary Engineering seat to Sachin Tendulkar

People's Education Society Institute of Technology (PESIT) today announced that they were awarding a honorary engineering seat to Rajya Sabha member Sachin Tendulkar. In a press conference held in front of the college's main gate, principal J.S. Upendra stated that this was a great moment in PES history. Stating that they were fed up with rival RV College of Engineering's incessant hyping of former student Anil Kumble, PES "invested an unspecified amount to acquire a prolific cricketer as former student". Sachin Tendulkar was the ideal candidate, Upendra said, because of his recent Rajya Sabha membership. "Now that Sachin has 100 centuries, his new ambition is to get 100 seats at institutions he doesn't plan to attend." Apart from Rajya Sabha and PESIT, Sachin was in talks to obtain a seat at the Censor board.

Sachin among the list of students
Dr H.S. Boregowda, HOD of the Civil Engineering Department at PESIT said he was honored that Sachin was going to be enrolled in his department. "Even though he will never enter these hallways, his name on the attendance register will be enough to boost enrollment". He expected Civil Engineering to surpass Computer Science at the next CET counselling.

To circumvent strict VTU rules about attendance, a 3rd year student Sachin Damdekar has been chosen as the official proxy. Damdekar was chosen because of his name and short stature. "It is a great honor to put fake attendance for such a great man." Damdekar will travel around campus following Tendulkar's class schedule."

To seal the new partnership, PESIT Sports Director was in talks with Tendulkar's agent to get him to play in the annual Mysore Road Cricket Cup (MRCC) match against RVCE. He said the match would be held at the Corporation ground in Nayandalli, which would suit the Master Blaster's batting style.