Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Greatest Hits, Volume I

All bands, even shitty one-hit-wonder ones, release "Greatest Hits" albums from time to time. I thought: why not do the same thing for my blog? Why make people search through scores of boring posts in order to get to the funny ones? So I've put together what I would consider my best/funniest/silliest posts.

1. Poem to make a mother cry : Someone asked for a poem to make a mother cry on Yahoo! Answers, and I promptly obliged. Warning: Highly Unpatriotic!
2. My Tragic Love Story : Laila-Majnu, Romeo-Juliet and now Priyananda-Anukriti. Read and cry.
3. Grad Side Story : A PhD can change a man's life.
4. Expected Dowry as a function of time : If dowry is a crime, I am a C-smooth criminal.
5. Plutonic Tales : A case of elemental racism.
6. Being a woman is against Indian culture : Extrapolating on Sri Ram Sena logic.

My reader demographic is predominantly kannada speakers(yellarigu namaskaara!), so my kannada/bengaLuru posts are generally popular. Here is a list you might like:

1. Women in contemporary kannada slang : What are guys saying about girls.
2. Poli Kannada to Classic Kannada Translation : decent huDugarige
3. Sakku Sakku Sakku : Super song from Snehana Preetina translated to English.
4. War on Basaveshwarnagar : The epic battle between Rajajinagar and Basaveshwarnagar to control daasarahaLLi.