Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sakku Sakku Sakku...

Welcome to colloquial class by Miss Lingo Leela Priyananda, a diligent teacher and propagator of the local language. Today we will learn some fine examples of kannada poetry. This melodious and meaningful song is from Snehana Preetina, a recent popular kannada movie.

First we will watch the video

Hi Res version: stage6
This song was chosen because its lyrics are pleasing at the same time profound. I will explain the lyrics of the song by translating it to English. After that you will all agree what a wonderful song this is.

a sakku sakku sakku
a sakku sakku sakku

na na na nai nai nai
no no no no no no

nee sikku sakku sakku
you meet me, sakku sakku

na na na nai nai nai
no no no no no no

ninna mooti gE, ah nice nice nice
for your face, ah nice nice nice

facekaTTigE, ah nice nice nice
for your face cut, ah! nice nice nice

namma story naagE naavE hero neenE heroinu!
In our story, we are the heroes and you are the heroine!

ninna galla, subhanalla
your cheeks, God have mercy!

adaa yella, muddE bella
your face is like balls of jaggery!

sonTa noDu, ragi milla
see your waist, it's like a raagi mill!

nee junu LKG du frock, haakonDu koDtiyallE shocku!
You are wearing LKG frock, and giving me a shock!

baayalli beraLiTre kacchokE barada huDugi paapa
You are so innocent that if i put my fingers in your mouth, you wouldn't even know how to bite them!

ivaLenu gol gumbaz tunDa?
Is she a piece of the Gol Gumbaz?

kashmiri apple ivaLa frienda?
Is the Kashmiri Apple a friend of hers?

usso! oLu biDabeDa, yappo! kivi chuchabeDa
usso! don't lie, yappo! dont peirce my ears

sikkorge naanu seerunDe aagolla naan
I will not become a sweetdish to he who finds me

naDe noDu naaTi pairu, saaniyaru sava seru
look at her walk, like a young bird! Who is Saniya? She is quarter pound.

ee shastri aada ninna daasa
This Shastri became your servent

ee soma ninge lace-a?
This Soma is the lace of your shoe

ninna toLuku, ninna chiluku, namage hariva varege beLaku
your glamour, your bubbliness, let your light be upon us until forever

midnightalli banda mona lisa
The mona lisa who came at night

heLamma class-a illa mass-a
Are you for the classes or for the masses?

usso! siDabeDa, yappo! jal haakbeDa
usso! don't explode, yappo! dont put a net!

ee sakku haNNu sikkare, maiyella baayi!
if you get this Sakku fruit, your body will become a mouth!

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