Thursday, February 21, 2008

Women in contemporary kannada slang

Young men, driven by hormones and their own innate base nature, often think of women in an impure manner. This results in the addition of a plethora of crude terms describing women in almost every colloquial language. This blog post is a scholarly review of some such words in kannaDa. Each word is accompanied by a brief description and an example of usage.

item : a prime example for the objectification of women in modern society.
Eg: maga, nam classnalli ondu bombaat item idaaLe, urvashi anta.

piger : a crude corruption of the word 'figure'. Usually used to describe good looking girls, it is sometimes used to describe snobbish or haughty women also.
Eg: aa veeNa doDDa piger taraa aaDtidaaLe.

dove: dove is a term given to a girl whom the guy fancies. Note the analogy to a white(representing innocence) bird(representing that she is out of reach).
Eg: naveen dove sumati gE maduvE fix aaytantE!

aunty: This is a derogatory term used for older women. Sometimes used for younger women who act in a mature way or dress conservatively.
Eg: pakkad manE aunty kenchangE kaNNu hoDdlantE!

Dagaar: This term was popularized by the vile and crude Jaggesh movie called tarlE nan magaa. A Dagaar is a female with loose morals. If a girl wears even slightly revealing clothes, she is labeled a Dagaar.
Eg: aa Dagaar geetha mini skirt haakonDu hogtidaaLe, swalpa nu maana maryaadE idya?

gowramma: In contrast to Dagaar, a gowramma is one who wears too conservative clothes and acts in an old-fashioned manner. Often used to describe rural women.
Eg: aa gowramma noDu, disco-gu seerE haakonDu bartaaLe.

bomb,paTaki: literally means 'explosive'. used for 'mind blowing' women.
Eg: aa film-nalli yaana gupta full bomb, magaa!

maal: yet another example of women being considered as sex objects. means 'goods for sale'.
Eg: forumnalli sakkataagiro maal noDdE, full sexy aagidlu!

petromax: used rarely. means mistress. made popular by the 'golmaal' movies of Anantnag.
Eg: iro ondu henDtina saakakke kaasilla avanigE, petromax bErE keDu!

hakki,bulbul,myna: various words which refer to birds.
Eg: MCC college mundE hakkigaLannu noDta idde, ashTralli police bandu baida!

If you know of any others, add them in the comments.


The Quark said...

Dam Dam Dagaar Dagaar. maamaaa maamaa Ding Dong!

Rakesh said...

dingu dong, dingu dong (Chorus)

skthewimp said...

i protest
how the hell can you say that petromax is a rarely used word?

Varun N. Achar said...

How about "chiTTe"? It's sort of equivalent to "hakki", "dove", "maina" and all....

Rakshith™ Thirsty Traveller said...

Sakkatagide guru! Truly loved reading it! :D

Anonymous said...

"This blog post is a scholarly review of some such words in kannaDa."

Thanks for the post

Anonymous said...

u missed out "scrap"

Anonymous said...

Indina Koosu naalina Pieceu

Anonymous said...

Please add on
chuulu,thindi,amukondu kuuthuko, thikamuchikondu kuuthko ......

Anonymous said...

lunaaa da mele nanna maina...maina...(chorus)

Anonymous said...

yen sisyaa....oota aitha ?

sisyaa aka disciple

Thejesh said...

Chindi - sakkataagi ittu

Thejesh Giri Chikmagalur said...

Kirik : Problem, nuisance. " Heavy kirikkamma, hike kodu andre
baggu antaane namm managerru !"

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Интересно написано....но многое остается непонятнымb

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

ADD...this word also ..'CHINALI'.,

Anonymous said...

Mole muTtidre Kole

Raaja said...

please add kaditaidiyeno sulemagane, tunne tootu, tullu tunne, tunne raaja, gaandu, bosudi, etc

Anonymous said...

cycle gap
eg:Cycle gap nalli rod thoorisbitta guru

Anonymous said...

eg:punjabi hudgira mai banna...aa nadu sanna aa thull dodda...onde sari rod hakbidthini chinnaa..

Anonymous said...

Baale dindu
Dekho re dekho re baale dindu ey ey eyeyeye yaava kade nodidaru bari thundu thundu.........