Sunday, September 07, 2014

Cricket Match Results For The Next Five Years Leaked

The whistle blowing organization Wikileaks today released a cache of documents that were allegedly obtained from the International Cricket Council (ICC). Among the documents was one which listed the results of all international Cricket matches for the time period 2014-2019. The document listed what team would win, by how many runs and with individual scores.

Wikileaks spokesman Julian Assange said that he was surprised by the revelation. "We knew some Cricket matches were rigged, but we were shocked by the extent of it. After this leak, we know for sure that all matches are rigged to have a predetermined outcome. It's all carefully planned well in advance."

An ICC official, who requested to be anonymous, confirmed the document's veracity. "Cricket matches are a serious matter. We cannot leave the result to chance. We carefully analyze all factors and decide which team needs to win." He mentioned that planning 5 years in advance allows them to be fair to all countries. "Our calculations suggest that we need Zimbabwe to win one match every 3.5 years. We make sure that happens."

Fan reaction has been mixed. Kyle Richardson from Trinidad was ecstatic that West Indies will win the 2015 World Cup. "This is excellent news, man! I didn't think our team had it in them to go all the way. This is the biggest upset in the history of World Cups." Kyle was unsure before whether to buy tickets to Australia, but now that he knows his team will win, he will book it right away.

Indian fan Chetan S was disappointed that India will lose to Pakistan in the Pepsi Cup final in  June 2017. "It will be tense match, but India will lose some quick wickets in the 45th over." He said he will still watch the match on TV. "But I won't watch the February 2016 Test match between India and New Zealand because it will be a rain-affected draw."

Deepankar playing at the local school ground.
Cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle said he was most looking forward to see Deepankar Mehta make his debut in 2018. "Wow! Look at his first few scores - 101*, 78, 122, 33*. This kid is the next Tendulkar." Mehta is set to make his debut against Australia at the age of 18.

Bangladesh Cricket Board spokesperson Javed Ibrahim said that they were planning to appeal against what he called "blatant discrimination against Bangladesh". "How come Zimbabwe and Afghanistan win more matches than us? This is not fair. We demand more wins." ICC Secretary John Walsh replied that they would look into the matter. "It's probably too late to change the 2014-2019 results, we will try to do something in the 2019-2024 time frame."