Monday, February 16, 2009

Being a woman is against Indian culture

Pramod Muthalik, leader of the hindu right-wing organization Sri Ram Sena, declared that being a woman is against Indian culture.

Speaking at a crowded public meeting in New Delhi, Muthalik justified his opposition towards women. "We should all try to be Ram. Was Ram a woman? Can a woman ever be Ram?". He urged all the women to renounce their womanly ways and become a man instead.

Misogynists worldwide celebrated this landmark speech from their role model. "Until now, I used to treat my wife with love and care", opined Prakash Kumar, BPO employee, "but Pramodji has opened my eyes. From now on, I will beat my wife everyday".

While Muthalik's speech is seen by many as significant and novel, rural Indians are not impressed. "We'be been beating and burning our women since centuries", says Bhairo Singh, "so what's new?".

Muthalik blamed women for the current global economic turmoil. "Behind every failed economy, there are many women". He said that the only way to solve these problems is by opressing women. " 'Women in Kitchen, making Butter Chicken' is our motto.", he said, "Of course, we at Sri Ram Sena are pure vegetarians, we chose Chicken just because it rhymes with Kitchen."

Feminists worldwide are tired of being outraged at Sri Ram Sena. "You know, right now I am too exhausted to even hate them", complained Arundhati Rai. Rai has been making lace panties on her sewing machine all day long, after Victoria's Secret couldn't meet the demands of the Pink Chaddi campaign. Ironically, Muthalik would have approved of her work-all-day-at-home-sewing-clothes attitude.


Rakesh said...

super :D

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Arbitmax, hence good.

Ankur Gupta said...

this is something I'd like to call 'a classic pete shenoy'