Saturday, November 04, 2006

An OGRE called AGRE

Finally finished with my Advanced Graduate Record Examination(AGRE), the specialized version of GRE. I was completely unprepared for the exam, and the only revision I had done was a cursory glance at the model paper. Therefore I was pleasantly surprized by the paper, which turned out be quite easy. That is no gaurantee, of course, that I'll get a good score; There are a million possible ways in which I might have goofed up. But I was happy with my performance, because I solved quite a few questions on logic alone, without knowing or remembering something.

That is the last exam I take this year(Phew!). Now comes the tedious and boring part of creating the application packets and mailing them. My bank balance is sure to take a phenomenal hit this month.

Anyway, after the apping process is done, I will be relatively free for the next few months. I promise to post more often( as I have promised many times in the past :) ).

Bye for now,


Anonymous said...


Was your AGRE test in Computer Science?

If so, will you please share which subjects it covered?

I am preparing for the test myself.


The God Of Tall Things said...

Hi Michael,

Yes, I took the AGRE in Computer Science. The exact list of subjects are mentioned in the guide which ETS mails when you register( you can also download it on the ETS website ).
The test basically covers the entire range of topics studied typically in an undergraduate CS course.


Manohar said...

Can you please kindly let me know what are the advantages of wrintg the AGRE exam?